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Donald Trump on Saturday spoke to a Detroit church congregation, his most recent appeal to African-American voters.

"The African-American faith community has been one of God's greatest gifts to America, and to its people," Trump said at the predominantly black Great Faith International Ministries. "I'm here today to listen to your message. And I hope my presence here will also help your voice to reach new audiences in our country."

So how was Trump's speech received? And will it have any effect on his chances in the general election?

On "Fox and Friends Weekend," Rev. Derek McCoy said that Trump was genuine and compelling, and this should help him with black voters.

"This goes a long way for him beginning to make some real strides within our community," McCoy said.

Pastor Dimas Salaberrios agreed, saying that many African-Americans will be watching closely in the lead-up to Election Day to see Trump build upon that message.

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