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The "Angel Moms" group, family members of those who have been killed by illegal immigrants, joined Donald Trump onstage during his immigration speech on Wednesday, and now they are now being compared to a "hate group" by some on the left.

Maureen Laquerre, whose brother was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2009, said on "Fox and Friends Weekend" that the group's goal is not to band together with the Trump campaign, but instead to raise awareness about illegal immigration and to honor the victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

"These women, as well as myself, and there are men also, have lost family members tragically," Laquerre said. "Most of those mothers, their children were murdered by criminal illegal aliens. Horrific, horrific stories and deaths."

She pointed out that there is nothing made up about their heartbreaking losses, and it's "ridiculous" that they should be labeled as a "hate group."

"The bottom line is, there's a definition for illegal. If I do something wrong and it's against the law, it's illegal, I'm punished for it. Let's face it: Illegal is illegal, and they shouldn't be here in the first place."

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" interview above.

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