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Mike Huckabee appeared on "Hannity" last night to react to the newly-released FBI notes from their interview of Hillary Clinton, which revealed that the Democratic nominee "could not recall" something dozens of times.

Huckabee said this "damages" how the American people perceive Clinton.

"For her to claim that she has less memory about what she was briefed on than Jason Bourne knew about his past identity is just not realistic," Huckabee said. "If she really doesn't remember fundamental facts of national security like this, then she has no business being sworn is as president."

"And we have to make sure the American people don't make what could be an incredibly irrevocable mistake."

Huckabee said this is just another example of how Bill and Hillary Clinton operate as if the laws don't apply to them.

"In 2008, the big banks were protected because they were 'too big to fail,'" Huckabee said. "I think what we have is a Hillary Clinton who thinks she's 'too big to jail.'"

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