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A toddler in Washington, D.C., was fined $75 by police last week for allegedly littering in an alley near her home.

The Department of Public Works has apparently refused to void the ticket, despite being informed that it was issued to two-year-old Harper Westover.

“Can you believe they issued a ticket to her for littering?” said Teresa Westover, the girl’s mother. “And Harper at the time of course goes, ‘That’s not good,’ because we know that we don’t throw trash on the ground.”

Apparently, sanitation workers found a piece of mail addressed to the little girl in the alley.

Westover contends that her daughter didn’t haul trash to the alley, but the city has not rescinded the fine.

The Department of Public Works sent a statement to Fox 5:

DPW’s Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Program is responsible for inspecting sanitation violations to ensure cleanliness is maintained throughout District neighborhoods. The work they do goes a long way toward minimizing rodent infestation and health hazards. Inspectors always evaluate the contents of the waste that appears to be in violation and use identifying information found within the waste to issue a citation. In this instance, we are working with the resident to gather the necessary documentation to dismiss the violation inadvertently given to the two-year old.

We remind residents of the following tips to avoid a sanitation ticket:

• Place trash and recycling containers out for collection no earlier than 6:30 pm the night before collection and no later than 6 am on your collection day. Residents are required to remove trash and recycling containers from public space by 8 pm on your collection day.

• Keep the public space around your property free of litter. Property owners have to ensure that all solid waste, regardless of whether it comes from their property or not, is properly stored at all times in a container that has a tight fitting lid.

• Property owners are responsible for maintaining the public space around their property in clean condition at all times, regardless of whether or not the property owner put the items in the public space. If you reside at a property that receives collection services from the District and you wish to dispose of bulk items, place a service request first to schedule a bulk pick-up and then place the items out for collection after 6:30 pm the day before the scheduled collection date.

• We will continue to partner together with residents and businesses to keep the District clean.

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