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You might say Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and the new product he's sponsoring have a few things in common. After all, both are loud, obnoxious and demanding of attention.

In an Instagram video released this week, Lochte showed off the gizmo called the ROBOCOPP. It functions like a "sound grenade," emitting a high-pitched alarm when a "pin" mechanism is pulled out.

"I've been traveling a lot lately," he says in the short video. "We all like to have fun, but it's a good idea to stay safe."

He says the crime-devention device "can get you out of a bad situation."

The endorsement is something of a rebound after Lochte lost all of his major sponsorships last month after being in a "bad situation" himself. He admitted lying last month to Rio police about being robbed at gunpoint to conceal his and his teammates' outrageous drunken behavior, enraging pretty much everyone Brazil and overshadowing media coverage of the games. He returned to the U.S. before Brazilian authorities could bring him up on charges.

The 32-year-old swimmer also scored a deal with Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops since the embarrassing incident.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Lochte will be in the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars.”

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