Clinton, Trump Campaigns Respond to FBI Release of Email Investigation Docs

Herridge: Hillary 'Couldn't Recall' Training About Handling Classified Info

Charles Krauthammer reacted to the FBI release of investigative documents on Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, saying he was struck by the "brazenness" of Clinton's lying.

"I think what's striking about what came out today is the brazenness. I mean, everyone knows she lies. William Safire wrote 20 years ago that she was a congenital liar. So we've had 20 years of lies in the interim."

But he said that Clinton's public comment about using her private email out of "convenience" doesn't square up with the fact that she went through 13 BlackBerry devices.

"She didn't want to carry two, but she actually had 13, many of which - I think most of which - are in fact unaccounted for."

He said that the release reinforces the idea that Clinton is untrustworthy and "living by a different set of rules."

"But that's known. I think that's baked in."

He said that ultimately the effect will be that "nothing can penetrate out of her campaign into the general public about who she is, and what she stands for, and what she would do as president."

"There's no message," he added.

During the segment, Douglas McKelway showed an email exchange showing Clinton replying to a phishing email from a State official and expressing worry about opening it. A separate incident mentioned in the FBI's report involved aide Huma Abedin indicating that Clinton was worried "someone [was] hacking into her email" because she received an email from a known associate containing pornographic material.

"Open source information indicated, if opened, the targeted user's device may have been infected, and information would have been sent to at least three computers overseas, including one in Russia," the report said.

Krauthammer joked that "this is Anthony Weiner at work again."

Watch the segment above.

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