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Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton commented on new findings from the FBI's release of investigative documents relating to Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.

"Mrs. Clinton's memory problem is notable," said Fitton, whose organization played a key role in publicizing Clinton's emails through Freedom of Information Act lawsuits. "I counted 30, 40 times where she said 'I don't recall.'"

Fitton said that Clinton told FBI investigators she had a concussion and so could not remember briefings about the handling of documents in 2012 when she was leaving office.

He said the report also showed Clinton kept her unsecured BlackBerry in the secure part of the State Department where classified information is discussed, which is not allowed.

"And on top of that she blames everybody else for her classified mishandling. She says 'I trusted the others not to send me material that was inappropriate in terms of being classified,' and seems to argue with the FBI why it's OK to summarize and send around and use classified information on her system."

But Fitton said it was significant that Clinton acknowledged to the FBI she had "Original Classification Authority," which he said shows she knew and understood her individual obligations to police everything she was getting at the State Department.

And the "topper," Fitton said, is that former Secretary of State Colin Powell warned Clinton that work-related emails on her device could become subject to public release.

Fitton says this leads to the conclusion that Clinton stayed quiet about her devices "because she didn't want anyone to know about them and get the records."

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