Herridge: Hillary 'Couldn't Recall' Training About Handling Classified Info

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Greg Gutfeld went off on Hillary Clinton following the FBI's release of documents in her e-mail investigation.

"First of all, if it wasn't a big deal, why did they let it all out before a three-day weekend?" Gutfeld asked. "This is the sneakiest dump since that time I went on a group hike."

Gutfeld pointed out that according to the documents, Clinton didn't remember signing an agreement on the handling of classified e-mail.

"She passes more bucks than an ATM."

He also took Clinton to task over not realizing that the "C" markings on the emails denoted "Classified" and for frequently misplacing her BlackBerry.

And then finally, which The New York Times pointed out, there appeared to be a "frantic effort" to delete an archive of Clinton's emails weeks after the existence of the private server became known to the public.

 "That's not a cover-up, that's a full blown burqa. Makes a Snuggie look like a thong."

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