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Judicial Watch Pres on New Findings From the FBI's Clinton Email Report

Herridge: Hillary 'Couldn't Recall' Training About Handling Classified Info

For the fourth time since the Clinton email scandal broke, the government has dumped a big load of news on a holiday weekend. 

The FBI took the rare step on the Friday before Labor Day Weekend of publishing pages from its Hillary Clinton email probe, after pressure to release the materials. They released a summary of Clinton’s July 2 FBI interview and a summary of the FBI investigation itself.

According to the summary, Hillary "could not recall" or "did not recall" various details about her emails on at least 35 occasions during the interview. The report also reveals that Clinton’s doctors told her she could only work a few hours a day at the State Department, due to her health.

Watch Catherine Herridge's report for the full breakdown of the FBI's report above.

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