'What's Striking Is the Brazenness': Krauthammer on FBI's Clinton Email Report

Clinton, Trump Campaigns Respond to FBI Release of Email Investigation Docs

Tucker Carlson told On the Record he was "appalled" that the FBI decided to release documents from its investigation of Hillary Clinton's email use on the Friday before Labor Day weekend.

Carlson said it was inappropriate for a law enforcement agency try to have an effect on the news cycle by releasing its report before a holiday weekend.

"This is the FBI. This is not the Obama, or the Clinton political team. The FBI's not supposed to be involved in spinning the news," he said.

He continued: "Whenever you release sensitive materials on the Friday of a holiday weekend you are trying to affect the news cycle. And again, they shouldn't be in the business of doing that at all. It's a law enforcement of agency."

Carlson said that dumping their documents before a holiday weekend is a "cliche."

"It's what's done in Washington when you want to suppress the facts in something. And again, I just think it discredits a venerable agency for them to be involved in something like this."

Watch Carlson's full reaction to the FBI's report in the video above.

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