As part of the Fox News digital team's Heroes@Home series, Diana Falzone spoke with Marine veteran Mark Burleson, a Purple Heart recipient.

Staff Sgt. Burleson was severely injured, losing both arms, while he attempted to disarm an IED in Afghanistan in Oct. 2012.

Burleson explained that he also lost vision in his left eye, broke his neck and suffered lacerations of his organs in the blast. 

But since that nightmarish day, Burleson has made an inspirational recovery and now works with the Boot Campaign, focusing on bringing more patriotism into American schools. 

Burleson said that patriotic lessons have been replaced in school curriculums by other things "that they don't really need."

"When you can make that connection with children and they actually feel connected with a piece of history, it sticks with them forever," he said, adding that the younger generation is patriotic but can be "technologically distracted."

The goal of the Boot Campaign is to bring awareness about the unique challenges service members face during and after their service. The campaign encourages people to wear combat boots with their civilian clothes to get people's attention about the issues. 

The money raised by the sales of the boots goes directly to the families of service members and veterans. 

On its website, the group points out that there are 52,270 veterans who've been wounded in combat since 2001, 578,000 unemployed veterans in the U.S. and 1.1 million disabled veterans under age 55.

Watch the interview above and follow Diana on Twitter for more information on the Heroes@Home features.

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