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Stuart Varney clashed with one of the healthcare overhaul's main architects, Dr. Zeke Emanuel, demanding an apology on behalf of the viewers who've seen skyrocketing premiums and a lack of insurers and are "mad as hell." 

Emanuel refused to comply, saying the system he helped design is still an improvement over what existed before.

"We deal in rationality on this program and truth, too, so I think you should apologize and if you can't, we're done," Varney said.

Emanuel continued to argue that the law is a "big improvement" over the previously "terrible" system and that he is not in favor of a U.K.-style single-payer health care.

"Your memory is just so poor about how the system was before," he said, adding that the Affordable Care Act is a "framework" to go forward and that "moderate reforms" are still needed. 

"If only the Republicans in Congress would pass moderate reforms to fix the system," he said at the end.

Check out the must-see interview above and let us know your thoughts.

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