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Next week, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will both participate in an hour-long "Commander in Chief Forum," where they'll take questions in front of a live audience made up of military members.

The event will be hosted by TODAY Show host Matt Lauer. The questions will pertain mostly to national security, veterans and military issues. The candidates will not appear on the stage at the same time, but face their rounds of questioning back-to-back.

Howard Kurtz said that the subject matter might seem to favor the former secretary of state, but with a caveat.

"Donald Trump's done about five thousand interviews this year. He's pretty well honed his skills in dealing with and deflecting these kinds of questions. If anything, Hillary Clinton, who hasn't held a news conference all year and has given far fewer interviews, might be a little rusty."

Guy Benson said that because expectations for Trump are so low, he will benefit if he exceeds them; whereas, expectations for Hillary Clinton are "sky-high."

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