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Students at a Tulsa, Oklahoma-area high school are speaking out after they were asked to leave American flags and banners outside before entering last Friday night's football game.

Owasso High School students brought the items on "USA Night" which was aimed at showing patriotism on the opening night of the season.

A video shared on Snapchat appears to show a student being turned away as he tried to enter the stadium with a small American flag.

Brandon Conrad said the school principal and multiple teachers said it was OK to bring the flags, but the athletic director told them the opposite and instructed officers to enforce the rule.

Administrators argue that the decision was aimed at making sure other fans' view of the game was not blocked by the flags and banners.

A school spokesperson said the decision had nothing to do with a lack of patriotism.

"The students, in fact our students, run on the field with an American flag and so the only thing we will review is what items in the student section would give the best game day experience for our students, the people behind them," she said.

Watch the local report from Tulsa's KJRH-TV above.

A similar situation unfolded in South Carolina at a high school's opening football game. Officials said they did not want American flags in the stadium because they feared fans would use them to taunt the Hispanic members of the opposing team.

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