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A new report claims that the Obama Administration secretly agreed to cut Iran some slack following the nuclear deal.

The report released by the Institute for Science and International Security, a think tank headed by former U.N. weapons inspector David Albright, alleges that negotiators allowed Iran to exceed the deal's limits on the storage of low-enriched uranium.

The report cited one official who said that if the exemptions had not been made, then Iran would not have been in compliance with the deal in time for the lifting of sanctions.

The White House pushed back against the report, denying that any secret exemptions had been made or that Iran skirted its commitments.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka said on Your World that the report is "evidence that we can't trust anything about the administration's deal with Iran."

Gorka said that "the deal wasn't really a deal, because the limitations put in place were simply hijacked" by the Iranians.

He said that it's all a "function of one very simple rule: You can't trust dictatorships."

"Remember what Reagan said about the Soviet Union: Trust, but verify. Here, those rules were completely ignored."

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