Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.) said on Outnumbered today that Hillary Clinton's claims about her private email server show an "incredible perpetuation of fraud and dishonesty."

He was asked to react to a new report showing that Clinton kept sending classified information over her personal email even after leaving the State Department.

Flynn said countries like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea will "use any information they have" against the United States and failing to secure classified information puts lives at risk.

"This is really serious stuff. These are countries out there who do not see our way of life as their way of life," he said.

"This is one of the greatest leaks of national security secrets that we have had," said Flynn, an adviser to Trump who previously served as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency until Aug. 2014.

He pointed out that when someone leaves government with a security clearance, they must follow certain strict rules.

"She is following no rules. She's like above the law," he said, adding that he believes the American people are going to opt for Trump over Clinton because "he tells the ugly truth" about the direction of the country.

"I trust the judgment of the American people. I trust that at some point in time, we're gonna say 'we've had enough.'"

Watch the compelling discussion above.

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