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Since Donald Trump's 10-point immigration policy speech last night, some members of his Hispanic outreach council have said they're stepping down.

One of those members, immigration attorney Jacob Monty, explained his reasoning on The Kelly File, saying it was a tough decision.

"I can't be part of his Hispanic advisory committee and I can't support him anymore," he said.

Monty said there was a great difference between what members heard in a private meeting and in his speech last night.

"When we met with him on the 20th of August, he was prepared, he was compassionate, he was realistic. He sounded like a businessman. He acknowledged that the 11 million who were not criminals needed some accommodation whether it was touchback or going back to their home countries quickly.

"But none of that was in the speech. And they built this speech up to be the seminal speech of the campaign on immigration. And they did not deliver.

"It was just populist propaganda taken from the talking points of FAIR and Numbers USA. And these are not conservative groups. We didn't hear a conservative last night."

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