Democratic strategist Bernard Whitman had some harsh words for Donald Trump this afternoon, calling the billionaire a "liar" and a "fascist" during a debate with Guy Benson. 

Whitman, a former Bill Clinton pollster and CEO of Whitman Strategies, pushed back on the notion that Wednesday's big immigration address and a meeting with Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto were positives for his campaign.

He called the trip to Mexico a "complete failure," arguing that Trump is out of step with everyone "except his own ego" on immigration and noting that three-quarters of Americans disagree with his proposals.

Whitman said Trump showed himself to be "a liar, a fraud and basically a fascist" yesterday, arguing that Trump's proposed ideological screening for immigrants is "fundamentally un-American."

He claimed that Trump lied when he said he didn't discuss with Nieto who would pay for the wall. 

Nieto tweeted today that Mexico will not pay for the border wall and that he told Trump as much. 

"I repeat what I personally told him, Mr. Trump: Mexico will never pay for a wall," he wrote.

Guy Benson countered that Trump is "smart and reasonable" to focus on illegal immigrants who have committed crimes while in the U.S.

He said Whitman and other Democrats are "testy" because political observers, even those who don't like Trump, are saying he had a good day. 

Benson said both candidates in the race have trouble with honesty, but that Clinton "cannot stop lying" and her poll numbers are "in the tank" when it comes to truthfulness. 

Watch the debate above and let us know what you think on the matter.

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