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Controversial San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick apparently continued his silent crusade against perceived police brutality while at team practice last month.

Reporters captured images of Kaepernick wearing “pig” police socks—athletic socks with cartoon images of police officers depicted as swine.

According to the Washington Times, the stunt showed that both the team and new head coach Charles "Chip" Kelly allowed the 28-year-old to practice in the socks.

During official NFL games, players—famously including former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson—are routinely fined for minor to major alterations of their football uniform.

The anti-police exhibition is the latest in Kaepernick’s saga, which began when he noticeably remained seated during the national anthem at a 49ers preseason game against the Green Bay Packers.

His latest sock show comes only weeks after the National Football League refused to allow members of the Dallas Cowboys to affix stickers to their helmets in honor of the police officers murdered in a July anti-police attack.

Ardent Steelers fan and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh previously hit Kelly, the former Philadelphia Eagles coach, for allowing Kaepernick to become embroiled in the ongoing controversy.

“When this all came up, Chip Kelly said, paraphrasing, ‘I can’t tell a guy what to do’. You can’t? You do every day... You tell them what time to show up in the morning,” Limbaugh said, the Times reported.

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