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Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a bilateral meeting in Mexico City, offering public remarks following their discussion.

"Even though we may not agree on everything, I trust that we will be able to [reach] better prosperity" by working together, Pena Nieto said, adding that he looks to build a US-Mexico relationship with any new administration built on "mutual respect."

"Many lives could be saved on both sides of the border if criminal organizations don’t receive [large] amounts of weapons and cash," the Mexican leader continued, "A true effort of collaboration is the most effective road."

Pena Nieto said the border "must be transformed into an asset for our region."

He also noted that the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, at 22 years old, needed to be adjusted for contemporary times at the least.

In his remarks, Trump said he agreed with much of Nieto's comments, adding that "no one wins when cartels commit acts of violence," or when "cash flows to [criminal organizations] in the US or Mexico.

One new point Trump discussed was the need for further security along Mexico's southern border with Central America.

"A wall is a sovereign right, and mutually beneficial," he said.

In an abbreviated question-and-answer session after the remarks, Trump shied away from directly discussing "payment" for his US-Mexico wall proposal, saying that the prospect of the wall itself was discussed, but not any further details.

Watch remarks from both dignitaries above.

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