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Touching photos of a West Virginia state trooper bonding with a baby -- and the moving story behind them -- are going viral.

Senior Trooper Derek Graham and his partner rescued the infant boy who was in the back seat of his intoxicated mother's car, covered in vomit and reeking of urine and feces.

“It was probably the most disgusting thing I’ve seen thus far in my law enforcement career involving a child, especially an infant," he told The Washington Post.

The officers took the boy back to the station and gave him a bath in the sink.

“In my head, I’m a father myself, and I couldn’t sit there and let him ...  I couldn’t let him sit in that,” he said.

Following the bath, the baby was swaddled and and cradled by Graham until Child Protective Services came. He's now in the care of a legal guardian.

Lieutenant Michael Baylous told TODAY that the troopers hope the baby's parents will be able to fix their lives so that they can provide a loving and safe environment for their son.

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