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It's always cute when a child learns their ABC's, but this two-year-old girl takes it to a whole new level. 

Clearly born with a flair for the dramatic, Violet belted out the alphabet song on what looks like a school auditorium stage.

The video spread on social media like wildfire, even catching the attention of comedian Jesse Tyler Ferguson. 

The "Modern Family" star couldn't help but wonder if the talented toddler is headed for big things on Broadway someday. 

He wrote: "I can't help but think this what Elaine Stritch was like as a child. Obsessed. #BigFinish."

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The video was shared by Violet's mom, Christine O'Gea, who later explained that Violet insists on singing for her family when she's picked up from preschool each day.

"We are always playing music in our house, dancing with the kids and she just loves to sing for us all. And this is just the way she likes to sing," the Shreveport, Louisiana, resident told CNN.

The video has been watched on Facebook more than 4 million times!

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