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Charles Krauthammer said that Hillary Clinton's email scandal has the potential to be a "cancer on her presidency."

The New York Times in an editorial today called for Clinton to cut ties to the Clinton Foundation, saying:

“Pay-to-play” charges by Donald Trump have not been proved. But the emails and previous reporting suggest Mr. Trump has reason to say that while Mrs. Clinton was secretary, it was hard to tell where the foundation ended and the State Department began.

Krauthammer said that Clinton can no longer claim that "there's no there, there," and that when even the Times has called for her to change strategy, she'd better take heed.

"When that's a question raised by the Times, then you know there's a problem. They cannot walk away from this."

He said that this scandal will haunt Clinton beyond November if she wins the presidency, and will be worse than the Whitewater scandal that dogged her husband.

"This is not going to stop and it can escalate into her presidency, and it could be a cancer on her presidency."

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