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A federal judge is now ordering the State Department to turn over all emails from Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton.

Fox News obtained one of the email exchanges, made during an official trip to Russia.

Abedin tells an aide that the delegation's BlackBerry phones will be left on the plane for security reasons.

The aide replies that Abedin’s “” email address should still work, but Abedin replies she does not want to use her phone for any reason.

Syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham joined Fox and Friends to discuss new revelations in the ongoing email controversy involving Clinton allegedly mixing official and Clinton Foundation business.

“They understood the implications with the way they were using email,” Ingraham said of Abedin’s exchange.

Other messages “demonstrate the [connections] between the foundation and official government business—It was an official government trip [to Russia] yet Clinton Foundation ties and emails are all over it.”

“The Clintons, when in government, will not admit to the truth unless they have something like DNA evidence or a court order—you need a court order to make them be transparent," Ingraham told Ainsley, Brian and Pete.

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