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During his first official visit to Bangladesh, Secretary of State John Kerry held a press conference and addressed the threat of terrorism.

Kerry offered a novel way to combat terrorism, suggesting that the media would “do us all a service” if they didn’t cover it “quite as much.”

“No country is immune from terrorism," Kerry said at a press availability in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Monday. "It’s easy to terrorize. Government and law enforcement have to be correct 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But if you decide one day you’re going to be a terrorist and you’re willing to kill yourself, you can go out and kill some people. You can make some noise. Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it quite as much. People wouldn’t know what’s going on.”

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton reacted on America's Newsroom, slamming Kerry's comments:

“If you really think that less publicity would help reduce the terrorist threat, then really after you should apply for a job after you are secretary of state to be editor-in-chief of “The Onion”,” Bolton said, referring to the satirical newspaper.

Many other people took to social media to react to Kerry's remarks:

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