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“What are you going to do? Fight him?”

That’s what one stunned Ben & Jerry’s worker said to another after boxing champ Mike Tyson reportedly reached into a freezer and walked off with a $5 treat at the U.S. Open.

Tyson was attending a first-round match in Flushing, New York between Polish tennis player Jerzy Janowicz and Serbian star Novak Djokovic when he reportedly committed the icy deed.

Witnesses told the New York Post that Tyson nonchalantly took the bar out of the freezer, saying “I feel like having an ice cream,” and walked away.

The recorded high for the day was around 85 degrees in the New York metro area, and the “Half-Baked Ice Cream Bar” was selling for a cool $5.50.

A woman working the stand at Arthur Ashe Stadium yelled after Tyson to no avail: “Excuse me, are you going to pay for that?”

The famed bruiser continued walking away.

“It shows his character. Mike Tyson is not the most upstanding citizen,” another worker told the Post.

The boxer’s publicist, Joann Mignano responded to the kerfuffle, calling it a “misunderstanding.”

“Mike…was going to have [his] host pay for it, as he was running around with his family,” Mignano said.

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