A Hawaii couple used an active volcano as the backdrop for a breathtaking wedding album. 

The pictures from Big Island's Kilauea volcano are going viral, with the couple posing just steps from molten lava as it flowed into the ocean!

On Happening Now today, Jenna Lee talked to the photographer - also named Jenna Lee - who took the amazing shots. 

Lee (the photographer) said she pitched the idea to the couple, named Lauren and Alex, when she realized the lava had started flowing again a few weeks ago.

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"I'm always looking for something beautiful for my couples to experience," she said, explaining that this shoot took some planning.

She said that the first planned shoot was canceled due to a tropical storm.

Lauren did her makeup the night before and they hiked out to the area at 3:30 in the morning under an "amazing" meteor shower, Lee recalled.

Lee explained that it was safer for the couple to be barefoot to immediately know which areas were safe to walk on.

"If it was too hot to step on, they would know way before being in a danger zone," she said.

She said that this couple was also unique because Lauren is hard of hearing and Alex is the son of a deaf parent, so the couple signed to each other from across the lava fields.

Watch the interview above and see more of the photos, here.

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