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A South Carolina high school banned the American flag at a football game, claiming it had been used in the past to taunt opposing teams.

Lou Lavely, the principal of Travelers Rest High School, said preventing the flag from being used in an "improper ‘taunting,’ unsportsmanlike manner" was a decision made in the interest of "the safety and well-being of all in attendance at school events."

Berea High School, who Travelers Rest played against this weekend, has a large Hispanic population.

Those who tried to enter the stadium with the American flag were turned away, sparking outrage on social media.

Hunter Ballew, who was denied entry, said the principal was trying to "strip young Americans the right to proudly boast this Nation's flag."

Following an uproar over the policy, Lavely reversed course, but reiterated that the original decision was made in the interest of keeping the peace and preventing the flag from being misused.

A school spokeswoman said in a statement that in the past, some fans have "used the US flag, in conjunction with verbal taunts, to target Hispanic members of the Berea community in a manner that was both unsportsmanlike and also a misuse of our flag."

Pete Hegseth reacted to the controversy on Your World, saying that there is no reason to ban the flag instead of just throwing out the people acting like "punks."

He said that school administrators need to "grow a spine" and stick up for the flag.

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