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Dave Chappelle criticized Black Lives Matter during a recent comedy set, reportedly saying the social justice movement had a "terrible slogan."

“'Black lives matter' is a terrible slogan,” he told the audience at a New York comedy club, according to a writer for Showbiz411 who attended the show.

No cell phones or recording devices were allowed during the set.

"When did it become just caring about ourselves and not caring about other people?" Chappelle said to the crowd.

He reportedly said that he preferred the slogan "Enough is enough," which Dwyane Wade used in a tweet about his cousin who was killed three days ago in Chicago.

Chappelle's publicist told Mic that the comedian intended the criticism as a commentary on the fact that people even have to say "black lives matter," and said that he is a big supporter of the movement.

"Saying 'black lives matter' is like calling gum chewy," she said.

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