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Donald Trump's campaign manager talked to Hannity about the state of the race and differences between the two main candidates.

While Trump is taking his message to voters, Kellyanne Conway said, Hillary Clinton "basically is doing fundraisers" and "one single speech" about Trump "and some websites."

She said this contrast is having a tightening effect on the polls, which are showing them within the margin of error of each other in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and giving Trump a lead with independents.

Conway said the Trump campaign doesn't need to match Clinton dollar for dollar in fundraising, because it has something they'll never have - "a candidate that's dynamic, magnetic, really compelling."

"People show up at these rallies wanting to see him. I assume the reason she doesn’t do that - she goes to private fundraisers with her Hollywood friends and elsewhere... because nobody counts how many folks are there; they just count the dollars afterwards. She couldn’t fill up these rallies."

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