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Tonight on Special Report, Tucker Carlson weighed in on the Hillary Clinton campaign, saying that it didn't seem to be about anything but the pursuit of power.

"What is the Hillary campaign about?" he asked. "Seriously, is it about infrastructure? No, it's about getting power and passing around the fruits of that power to our friends and wielding it for good. That's it. That's not a rationale for a presidential campaign."

Carlson said if Clinton received any scrutiny at all, people would see that "the premise of her campaign is indefensible."

Carlson also commented on the fact that no Democrats have come out against Clinton in the wake of the Clinton Foundation-State Department scandal.

The reason for this, he said, is because "the Democratic Party is not an ideological party."

"It's a party whose only concern is acquiring and wielding power, and I think they've revealed that in a way that's kind of shocking."

Watch the panel discussion above.

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