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On "Sunday Morning Futures," Rudy Giuliani ripped Hillary Clinton for an alleged "pay-to-play" scandal involving donations to the Clinton Foundation during her tenure as secretary of state.

"Her experience is the worst thing she has going for her, because she was a terrible secretary of state," Giuliani said.

He pointed specifically to the controversial sale of a uranium company to Russia, which came as money flowed to the foundation from those connected to the deal.

"She sold out our country," the former New York City mayor stated. "If she were a Republican secretary of state, the headline in The New York Times would be 'Clinton Sells Out America.'"

He likened the controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation to Watergate or the Teapot Dome scandal, calling the foundation a "racketeering enterprise."

He said that there are so many allegations now that even the most loyal Clinton supporters must realize that where there's smoke, there's fire.

"Remember, this is a woman who was 'broke' when she left the White House," Giuliani said. "And now she's worth $130, $140 million. That's tough when you've been a senator and held a public service job during all that period of time."

"Donald Trump should stick on the message that she sold out her office as secretary of state, she made it a pay-for-play operation, and she put our national security in grave jeopardy."

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