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Pastor Mark Burns, who recently spoke with Donald Trump and other minority leaders, said that they all emerged from the meeting in agreement on one vital matter: "The number one issue plaguing the minority community is education."

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning, Burns explained to Sandra Smith that school choice is key to fixing this problem, because it gives families and students more power over their education.

"There are so many children in underprivileged, underperforming schools in the country," Burns said. "Some children, based off where they're born, where they live, are already doomed to fail to moment they enter the school system."

He said that Trump understands the issues facing minority communities, particularly education, and that's why he will do well with those demographics in November.

"You have to give power back into the hands of the parents, so that their children can receive the best possible education they can in this country," Burns said. "And right now, that's not taking place."

Are you confident that Trump can get a bigger share of the minority vote? Smith asked.

Burns said that he is, saying there's been an "amazing turn of events" in recent weeks and months.

"You have no idea how many African Americans and minorities really support Donald Trump," Burns said. "There's so many African Americans in this country that are going to be voting for Donald Trump in November."

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