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Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today to react to the bombshell admission by the State Department that it found Benghazi-related documents among the 14,900 Hillary Clinton emails and attachments recently uncovered by the FBI.

Fitton said that the State Department will begin releasing the non-exempt emails in September, but they have refused to say how many documents will be released and how many of them are Benghazi-related.

He revealed there will be a hearing on this issue on Tuesday, August 30.

"The courts have made it clear they don't want stalling unnecessarily here, so the materials are going to begin to be released as soon as September 13, if not sooner," Fitton said.

He added that the State Department has worked as slowly as possible throughout this whole process, pointing to the recent news that the department will not release Clinton's full calendar during her tenure as secretary of state before Election Day.

"It's just more of the same from the State Department," Fitton said. "They've been slow-rolling documents for Mrs. Clinton since the get-go."

"If the government wanted these documents released, they could have been released years ago. If we put people on the moon, we can release more than a few hundred pages a month out of one federal agency. It's obviously a political game the State Department is playing to help Mrs. Clinton."

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