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In his "Wake Up, America" monologue today, Eric Bolling said that, as he expected, the investigation into the Clinton Foundation has exposed damning evidence that Bill and Hillary Clinton operate at a level everyday Americans aren't allowed to operate at.

"We are finding more and more evidence that the former president was working with the highest American diplomat, his wife, and appearing to sell - let me rephrase that - appearing to 'trade' access to foreign governments and corporations in exchange for massive amounts of money dropped into their foundation," Bolling said.

He asserted that the Clintons have operated this way for decades, pointing to Whitewater, Travelgate, Furnituregate and the cattle futures controversy.

"The Clintons are greedy," Bolling stated. "They love money. They love money so much they've been accused of ignoring ethics and, very likely, laws to rake in more and more money."

"While regular Americans like you and I struggle to keep our families fed and clothed and educated, they're bending laws and ethics to become richer and richer ... Does this sound fair to you? Well, it certainly doesn't to me."

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