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A photo of a utility worker literally diving waist-deep into a hole filled with brown, dirty water has gone viral.

But, because the man’s face was feet-deep in the ground, seemingly nobody knew who he was.

As Leland Vittert reported on America’s Newsroom, Mike Rowe, former host of ‘Dirty Jobs’, remarked that he was being inundated with messages about the man, tying him to Rowe’s most recognizable role.

“I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s all over my [Facebook] wall,” the chairman of the MikeRoweWorks Foundation wrote Thursday, “If you recognize him, tell him the first beer is on me.”

After the image floated around the internet, the man was finally identified as Jimmie Cox, 23, of Hood County, Texas. Cox casually recalled diving into the murky depression like it was another day at the office.

“[It] was about five-and-a-half feet deep…a full one-inch pipe was [sending water] full throttle,” into a woman’s home, Cox said.

Wrangler Jean Company, which recognized his clothing as their own, also said they would send him a new pair.

“[That’s] throwing yourself into your work,” Martha MacCallum said.

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