A manhunt is on for whoever murdered two Catholic nuns in Mississippi.

Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill, both 68, were found dead in their home near the capital, Jackson, Gregg Jarrett reported on Happening Now.

Their car was allegedly stolen and later found about a mile away from the home.

Jonathan Serrie reported that police are scouring the car for clues to identify possible suspects.

It remains unclear whether the incident was a robbery-turned-violent, or whether the nuns were targeted because of their ministry, Serrie said.

Sisters Held and Merrill were nurse practitioners at Lexington Medical Center, where they provided basic medical services to the poor.

Susan Gatz, president of their organization, the Sisters of the Charity of Nazareth, released the following statement:

Pray in gratitude for the precious lives of Sisters Paula and Margaret.

They served the poor so well.

Because we are gospel women, please also pray for the perpetrators.

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