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Hillary Clinton is getting called out by a Louisiana newspaper for not visiting the state since deadly historic flooding wrecked the Baton Rouge area earlier this month.

The Advocate published an editorial saying "If she wants to be president, Hillary Clinton should act like one, and come to Louisiana."

Clinton said earlier this week that she was waiting to visit until she could be certain her campaign would not disrupt the emergency response. But the op-ed said that if President Obama was able to visit, his potential successor should, too.

It also called Donald Trump's visit, which happened before the president's, a "constructive step."

"Louisiana is a reliably red state with few electoral votes, and Clinton isn’t likely to flip it to her column in the coming election. But Louisiana’s crisis should be a call to conscience and compassion, not the cold calculus of electoral math. The scale of this disaster argues for sustained, bipartisan resolve to rebuild our broken state."

Read the full piece here, and watch a discussion on Your World above.

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