Schweizer: Clinton Email, State Dept.-Foundation Probes ‘Joined At the Hip’

La. Paper Calls on Hillary to 'Act Like' a POTUS and Visit the Flood-Damaged State

Charles Krauthammer said that after a year of speculation and diversion, the issue of what Hillary Clinton's email scandal was about is finally clear.

"The issue we've always asked ourselves here is, why was she hiding this in the first place? Why did she have a private server? Obviously, she was concealing; what was she concealing?"

He said that the "most obvious possible answer" was the Clinton Foundation.

"Now, we're learning that exactly is what it was."

He said that the Foundation acted as a "stand-in" for a campaign while Clinton wasn't seeking office, in which donors bought access with the secretary of state.

"And it's not illegal, but it's corrupt."

Watch the commentary above.

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