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Friday on Fox and Friends, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange discussed his organization’s release of information regarding the two main presidential candidates.

Steve Doocy asked Assange if any of the emails or other communications his group uncovered reveal anything about recent rumors regarding Hillary Clinton’s health.

Assange, who said he would not “scoop” his own organization’s finding just yet, would only mention the 32,000 Clinton emails WikiLeaks had already released.

“There are passing references to Hillary Clinton’s head injury---she called it ‘I have a cracked head’—[and] ‘decision fatigue’,” he said.

“[She did] look up Modafinil, which is also called Provigil in the United States… sort of an alertness drug. Not to say that she has some necessarily serious disorder. Anyone in a very high stress job like military pilots might be taking this,” Assange said.

“I think it is perfectly acceptable to reveal personal information about presidential candidates,” Assange said, adding that the candidates should be revealing such points themselves.

Regarding Donald Trump, Assange said it has been tough to “publish much more controversial material than what comes out of Donald Trump's mouth every second day.”

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