Schweizer: Clinton Email, State Dept.-Foundation Probes ‘Joined At the Hip’

Julian Assange Discusses Hillary Health Rumors from Latest Email Release

Today on Outnumbered, James Rosen reacted to Judicial Watch's announcement that the State Department would release additional Hillary Clinton emails next month, including Benghazi-related documents.

"You're going to be hearing about 'new Hillary Clinton emails' pretty much for the rest of your life," Rosen said. "Just as we are hearing about, still, new Nixon tapes in perpetuity."

He says the State Department's release may be "peanuts" compared to what Julian Assange is preparing to release on Clinton through WikiLeaks at some point before Election Day.

"I don't think we've seen a candidate in modern presidential history whose electoral fortunes have been so dependent on other people, whether it's James Comey, Julian Assange.

"Say what you will about Donald Trump, there is no other third person on whose words or documents we're waiting to make or break his candidacy."

Rosen said he's not certain Trump's tax returns are going to change the perception of him.

Meghan McCain added that "no American soldiers were killed in his tax returns."

"I too would like to see his tax returns, but if we're going down this road I'd also like to see Hillary Clinton's health records," she said.

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