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An educator at a Louisiana elementary school wrote what is both a passionate love letter to books and a desperate plea for help.

Devastating flooding completely wiped out the library collection at Glen Oaks Park Elementary School in Baton Rouge, to the horror of librarian and literacy specialist Trey Veazey.

"Access to books is the key to educational success," Veazey wrote on his personal blog. "Our library doesn’t have books. Our classrooms don’t have books. Many of the homes of our students don’t have books. ...

"How does one recover without books? I know not the answer to this, & so, I plead to you. Help us.

"There are kids in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that are hungry for knowledge & desperate to know that good remains in the world."

He asked for donations of books to the school that would appeal to readers pre-K to Grade 5 from authors/illustrators/publishers or those "with a generous spirit."

He also said that financial contributions were welcome, which would go to "magazine subscriptions, music, films, & chocolate."

"All others, feel free to send good thoughts. After this emotional & literal depletion, we are in dire need of good thoughts."

He listed the temporary location of the school as:

Glen Oaks Park Elementary School
Attn: Trey Veazey
2401 72nd Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Check out Veazey's "Amazon Wish List" and the Donors Choose page for "Operation Empty Shelves" (the fundraiser has already reached its goal of $1,138).

Veazey wrote a message of thanks on the Donors Choose page:

Words brought me to this place, but now, they fail me. In practically no time, you have funded a brilliant selection of texts that will find their ways into the hands of students who need nothing more than the escape of a good story. I am awash with gratitude, & I wish that I could thank each of you personally. The world is better because you are in it. Be well.

With gratitude,
Mr. Veazey


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