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A little boy in New Jersey saved up for months just so he could buy lunch for his town's police department.

5-year-old William Evertz Jr. of Winslow Township wanted to use his allowance money on a random act of kindness.

So, he chose to pick up sandwiches, snacks and drinks from a Subway restaurant and deliver them to police officers who protect him and his community "even when he sleeps."

William's mother said her son wanted the officers to rest so they could protect the town and also wanted them to "be healthy."

The Winslow Township PD made William an honorary police officer and gave him a special shirt and badges. He also got a special ride home in a police car.

Additionally, the department said, William would be donating clothes, toys and other supplies to a domestic abuse shelter and give $25 to a less fortunate family for daycare expenses.

"Williams's actions are remarkable for anyone, let alone a 5 year old," the department wrote on Facebook. "Winslow Twp PD commends William for his acts of kindness and his parents for raising such a great kid."

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