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Reverend J. Mark Burns, an African-American pastor and Donald Trump campaign surrogate, was confronted outside the lobby of Trump Tower in New York City by a man accusing the candidate of being a racist.

“You support a racist,” the man shouted at Burns, accusing him of wanting his parents deported.

“Just because you are loud does not make you right,” Burns replied at the time.

Burns joined Stuart Varney on Your World to discuss the confrontation and today’s back-and-forth between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“Its almost wrong to be proud to be an American,” Burns, who was in Manhattan for a meeting with Hispanic and African-American leaders at the businessman’s headquarters, said.

Varney asked Burns whether Trump, who has spoken to largely white audiences about race issues, would receive a similarly positive response from a minority audience.

“Donald Trump has a lot of African-American supporters—more than polling will ever show,” Burns said.

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