Game Changer Coming from WikiLeaks? Megyn Kelly Interviews Assange

Assange: Murdered DNC Staffer Was 'Potential' WikiLeaks Source

In anticipation of a pre-election Wikileaks release on Hillary Clinton, Megyn Kelly asked founder Julian Assange if this meant he was backing Donald Trump.

"You're clearly not rooting for Hillary," Kelly said. "But are you rooting for Trump?"

Assange said no, but if Wikileaks has good information on Trump, they will publish it.

"If we have good information on Hillary (and) Democrats, we publish that. You know, I would like to believe that no organization, no media organization in the United States would not have published the DNC e-mails. But I don't think that's true actually."

He said he didn't think NBC or The New York Times would have published the DNC e-mails, "and that's bad."

"There's incredible politicization in this election of the media. And it is a bit concerning."

Referring to the DNC leaks, he said that the Clinton campaign's allegations "that everyone is a Russian agent are really disturbing."

Assange said that Clinton has "bizarrely" positioned herself as "the security candidate" and has "grabbed onto a kind of neo-McCarthy hysteria about Russia" which she's using to "demonize the Trump campaign."

"The Trump campaign has all sorts of things wrong with it. But as far as we can see, being seen as Russian agents is not one of them."

As for a Wikileaks dump on Trump, he said they'd be "very interested."

"But it's actually really hard for us to release anything worse than what comes out of Donald Trump's mouth every second day.

"It's part of his charismatic appeal that he speaks off the cuff, but that's difficult for Donald Trump to overcome...even with a lot of great material coming out of WikiLeaks or other publications."

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