Leading Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos says "neutrality is not an option" when it comes to journalists covering Donald Trump.

Ramos told The Kelly File that journalists cannot be objective when they are confronted with "racism, discrimination, corruption, public life, dictatorships or violations of human rights."

"There are certain instances in which you have to take a stand," he said, adding that Megyn Kelly did that when she questioned Trump about his remarks about women last year.

Kelly disagreed that she was taking a stand in that instance.

"That was me asking a question," she said. "I identified an issue, and thought it worthy of a question. It wasn't 'Here's what Megyn Kelly thinks of you.'"

She said that Trump's supporters don't see the candidate or his policies as racist.

Ramos said that Trump may not consider himself a racist, but 73% of Latinos do.

Kelly shot back that 70% of the American public thinks Hillary Clinton is a liar, and asked if there was a journalistic obligation to state that in every story about her.

"You sort of go down the rabbit hole once you start injecting these judgments on the candidates as a journalist," she said.

Ramos said that it's the "social responsibility" of journalists to confront those who are in power.

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