Charles Krauthammer weighed in on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump accusing each other of racism, calling it a "cheap kind of political warfare."

Clinton said in a speech today that Trump wants to "make America hate again" and was giving a megaphone to a "fringe" alt-right element that embraces a "racist ideology."

Last night, Trump called Clinton a "bigot" because she supports Democratic policies which have not helped minorities.

Krauthammer said Clinton was acting out of "the old Democratic playbook" by accusing her opponent of racism and using ad hominem attacks.

"There is guilt by association, yes, but that is always true," he said. "Politicians are always appearing on stages and welcoming people who have unsavory histories."

He added that Hillary Clinton might want to be "a little careful" with such attacks, given her support for Black Lives Matter.

"Does she really want to be associated with a group that chants about killing cops?"

He predicted that neither candidates' attacks would have much of an effect on voters.

"I think we're at the lowest... we're at the bottom of the barrel of a race that we knew would be low and dirty, and that's exactly where we are now."