Last night, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told Megyn Kelly that he'd be releasing more documents regarding Hillary Clinton, and that some of the material might be "entertaining."

Greg Gutfeld asked in tonight's monologue on The Five why some hacks are tolerated, while others - like the publishing of comedian Leslie Jones' private photos - are not.

"Remember, if Assange had your personal info - medical records, financial statements, or a home movie you made with some hitchhikers in the 80's - he'd gleefully publish them all in the name of...Assange."

He said that Assange's actions aren't journalism, but "self-promotion."

"It's the work of a man who loves to see his name in print, even if it means soiling the names of others.

"He says that Americans have a right to know who we are voting for, but since when did he care about America?"

Gutfeld said that Assange will publish "whatever he can get his hands on, or what's handed to him."

"Meaning you could be next. Or"

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