Tonight on Hannity, Ann Coulter weighed in on Donald Trump's interview with Sean Hannity this week in which the candidate said he was open to "softening" immigration laws and would "work with" illegal immigrant families.

"It sounds as if some campaign consultant has slipped into his campaign, and I don’t think he should have been hiring Rubio’s speechwriter for his interview with you giving all these ridiculous talking points for amnesty," she said.

Coulter said Trump is her "guy" but he is not impervious to "constructive criticism" from her.

The author of In Trump We Trust said that whenever she criticizes Trump the mainstream media makes a big deal about it.

"It was a joke when I said this was going to be the 'shortest book tour ever.' It's called a joke."

"Simultaneously with his interview with you, where he said some very dumb things - oh well - he's giving these spectacular speeches in Fredericksburg, Virginia. In Tampa, Florida, they're completely the opposite. He's going back to saying 'I'm going to put Americans first.'"

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