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An attendee at Donald Trump’s Tuesday rally in Austin, Texas apparently decided to poke fun at the ongoing email controversy surrounding the Republican presidential candidate’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, and the move quickly went viral.

Among the host of secured, or password protected, Wi-Fi networks that appeared on smartphone screens at the Luedecke Arena was a single ‘unsecured’ network labeled “Clinton Email Server”.

Screenshots of the Wi-Fi menu were soon shared all around social media, including by Trump’s son, Don Jr.

But, Trump Sr.’s social media director warned supporters not to connect to the suspect network, in case it indeed was a cyber-hazard.

“Team Trump does not recommend using the unsecured Wi-Fi signal at this evening’s @RealDonaldTrump Texas rally,” advisor Daniel Scavino, Jr. Tweeted.

Do you think it was just a supporter having fun at Clinton’s expense, or something more suspicious? Let us know in the comments.

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